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Welcome to PriceDetect™

When the team behind PriceDetect™ started working on making the concept a reality, it was not necessarily a product created for others; it was born out of the desire to produce an add-on to help us save money when shopping online. There are actually two reasons that PriceDetect™ was designed the way it is today.

We realized that every time we thought that we got a good deal on a product online, we ended up finding a cheaper alternative a few days later with a different vendor. As you can probably understand, there are few things more frustrating than finding out that the deal that you thought you had was not much of a deal at all. In order to avoid these frustrating situations in the future, we wanted a clever tool that would do the work for us. Instead of having to visit dozens of different websites to determine whether there is a possible deal somewhere else, the PriceDetect™ add-on lets you know right away if there is a better deal available somewhere else. This means that every time you make a purchase online, you know you are getting the best offer.

We also realized that people rarely go to the store anymore to compare products, they often rely on the information that they found online. The second reason PriceDetect™ can help is that it immediately finds reviews and ratings, both for the store that you are thinking about buying from and the product you are looking at. Even the best price does not mean anything if you are buying from a vendor that does not deliver the product on time, has horrible customer service, or does provides refurbished items when they promised new ones.

PriceDetect™ started as a personal project and grew into a tool that saves people money throughout the world. The great thing about PriceDetect™ is that it will run in the background, not taking up any space or bothering you until it is needed. It works on any major browser and both Mac and Windows users can easily install it. Mac or PC, everyone loves savings.

PriceDetect™ only shows relevant data, it does not bother you with inferior products or ask you a million questions, it works when you want a good deal. Even though it may have started as a small project for our own benefit, we hope that people throughout the world can take advantage from the great prices and reviews that PriceDetect™ offers them every time that they look for another product.

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