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What Is Price Detect™?

Price Detect is the way to save money while browsing. An add-on that works on all major browsers and shows different buying options when a user looks at a particular product. Anyone who has Price Detect installed can be sure that he or she is getting the best possible deal. Until Price Detect is needed, it runs in the background.

How Much Does Price Detect™ Cost?

Price Detect is 100% free.

How Much Money Can Price Detect™ Save Me?

As long as you have Price Detect installed, you can trust on it to find you better deals and save you time. The more you buy, the more you are going to save!

How to Download and Install Price Detect™?

Installing Price Detect is as easy as using it, click here to download. Then follow the instructions to install.

Who Benefits from Price Detect™?

Everyone can benefit from Price Detect. It will find you alternative offers, reviews, videos, help you compare products, and find coupons for any product or service that you are looking for.

How to Uninstall?

Price Detect™ is guaranteed to help people save money every day – however, if for some reason you still want to uninstall it, here's how:

  • Chrome: Go to Tools > Extensions and click on the delete icon next to the extension info or un-check the "Enabled" option.
  • Safari: Go to Settings > Preferences. Go to Extensions tab and click the "Uninstall" button.
  • Internet Explorer: Go to Add-ons click the "disable" button next to "PriceDetect add-on".
  • Firefox: Go to Extensions click the "disable" button.

You can also click here and select your options.

Will Price Detect™ Work on My Mac Computer?

Absolutely! When we say that Price Detect can help anyone, we mean it. Price Detect™ is designed to work on all major browsers on Windows and Mac.

Can Price Detect™ Work on My iPhone/iPad/Android Device?

At the time, PriceDetect™ is only available on Windows/Mac computers. The problem is that smartphone and tablet browsers do not support add-ons.

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