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About us

The concept of Price Detect™ was formed in 2011 and we have been working on making it reality since then. The concept came from the minds of experienced internet entrepreneurs and web developers. The goal for Price Detect is simple; enhance the online buying experience as we know it today, and move it to the next level. When providing more alternatives to any product or offer online it makes it easy for everyone to find the best prices on products that they are trying to buy.

The beauty behind Price Detect is its simplicity, the only thing the user has to do is install Price Detect, and it will automatically find alternate options. The user does not need to change his or her browsing habits, all they do is looking for a product that they are interested in as they normally would, and Price Detect will show competing offers that beat the deal the current store offers. And when Price Detect says that users do not need to change their browsing habits, they mean it. It works on all the major browsers and both Mac and PC users can benefit from using Price Detect.

Price Detect goes beyond finding the best possible offer and shows relevant product information while the user browses for items; this means ratings and reviews for the product and the seller. This is just another step in bringing the online shopping experience to the next level.


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