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10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

There are a number of great reasons to want to shop online. The selection is amazing, the bargains are great, the shipping is often fast, and the shopping is secure. It is easy to return items if you decide you do not want them especially when buying from the right company. How do you make sure that your money is safe, how do you protect your information? That is why we provide you with 10 tips for safe online shopping.


1.) Use sites you know

If you are shopping, try to use a site that you or a friend trusts and recommends. Sometimes prices at other sites may seem enticing, but if no one has used them and you have no way to verify whether they are legitimate, you may be giving your information to the wrong people.


2.)  Look for the lock

This should be simple enough, if the site does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed, never use your credit card on that site. Typically, the status bar at the bottom or top of your web browser will show an icon of a locked padlock.


3.)  Limited information

No store ever needs to know your birthday or your social security number before they can process your order. Remember, the more people know, the easier it becomes for them to steal your identity. You should be able to place an order and give up as little information as possible.


4.)  Keep your computer safe

People that want your information are not sitting around waiting for you to come to them. Oftentimes they will try to speed things up by sending viruses or embedding malware in websites. Make sure you have a virus scanner running at all times and that you keep it up-to-date. We highly recommend Comodo Internet Security tool – it’s free and will keep your computer free of viruses and malware.


5.)  Check your statements

Online banking allows you to check on your account regularly, do not wait until the end of the month for a nasty surprise. Check for any fraudulent charges. If you see something on your statement you are not sure about or do not trust, be sure to pick up the phone and address the problem. Only pay your credit card bill if the charges are accurate.


6.)  Know what you are buying

It is important not to be blown away by a good price, but make sure that you read the description closely. Words like “close-out” “vintage” or “refurbished” can mean that you are buying a product that is not in mint condition. Moreover, if a name-brand item sounds too good to be true, it may be counterfeit.


7.)  Avoid public computers

Even though it should be common sense not to use a public computer to buy things with your credit card, it warrants repeating. Typing in your credit card information in a public area is not the best idea.


8.)  Wi-Fi? Only what you know

If you are going to purchase anything on Wi-Fi, only stick to networks that you know. Even though the chances of your next-door neighbor who forgot to lock his Wi-Fi being a hacker are small, it is not something you want to risk.


9.)  Know

Even though a strong password is like the Internet’s security version of a dead horse, we still like to continue reminding people to use unique passwords when shopping. Even though there is no such thing as an uncrackable password, you do not need to make it easy either.


10.)  Keep your records

Save or print records of all online transactions. This includes the price and product description. Make sure that you keep emails from the seller as well; it is always better to be safe than sorry.


As you can tell, there a number of aspects to think about when shopping online, some that you might not have considered before. One of the great things about using PriceDetect is that it eliminates a number of these problems. Not only does it get you great, realistic deals, but you only see trusted websites, which means that you can shop with peace of mind.

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